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Are you looking to spruce up our home? Then a new front door might be exactly what you need! A new front door can changes the whole feel of the exterior and interior of a home! So if you are looking to have a change but don't want to break the bank, come visit us at our Gray, GA location to see our large inventory of doors!

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Most people do not understand the importance of a front door, a front door is the entrance and exit to your home and is one of the most seen items of your home that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who visits your home. Whether you think so or not, it is true! So if you are looking for an affordable way to change the feeling of your home, come visit Hamrick Building & Supply Co Inc. to see what a new door can do for your home.

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Benefits of New Doors

  • Aesthetics. Because your front door is the centerpiece of your home’s entrance, a new door is a worthwhile investment in the beauty of your home. And if you plan to sell your house in the future, keep in mind that a door upgrade enhances curb appeal, adding value and increasing buyer interest.
  • Energy Efficiency. Old doors reduce your home’s energy efficiency. Drafts are one of the biggest drains on the energy efficiency of your home, adding up to real dollars on your heating and cooling bills. A new, energy-efficient door helps lower your utility bills.
  • Maintenance. Older doors have seen a lot of use and therefore require maintenance: scraping and painting. Newer doors feature low-maintenance cladding, which is a protective exterior covering that requires minimal maintenance.
  • Performance. This is perhaps the most compelling reason to replace a door. On top of testing your patience, damaged or inferior doors can impact your safety, and they aren’t giving you the optimum benefit in terms of convenience and efficiency.